Friday, March 20, 2009

You've got mail!

All of the local independent private schools sent out their "acceptance" letters yesterday which means they are due to arrive in my mailbox any minute. This is for kindergarten, my friends. You would not believe what it takes to get into kindergarten. One school takes a maximum of 300 applications......for 32 spots. We're talking tours, five page applications, intelligence tests, parent interviews, student was practically a full time job.

A couple of weeks ago we were accepted to the local Catholic school. We're not Catholic but it's a good school and the price is right. We'd pretty much decided that was the route we were going to take......until today.

This morning we got an email from one of the schools and my son was accepted. Damn, damn. Now we have to make a decision. It would've been a lot easier if we'd been rejected.


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  2. I know how stressed out I was about preschools. I cannot imagine what it's like for KG. I am glad we were able to avoid that! Congrats though - it's a nice problem to have, right?

  3. Decisions...Decisions. I hate making decisions! You'll make the right choice!

  4. They know they would've been fools to reject that child of yours! Too smart!