Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter planning

Mr. PaperCourt and I just decided that we are going to host Easter dinner this year. I'm sending out this electronic invitation...

We're planning to feed the kids first then hire a sitter to entertain the kids (6 boys) in our playroom. Last year, I made an amazing cake (pictured below) with a nest made of chocolate on top and I'm hoping to recreate that masterpiece.

What are your Easter plans?


  1. Um, we're coming to your house but don't have a boy to bring!

  2. Love the invites! The cake...DELISH! What time should I be there?

    We did a picnic last year for Easter...Which was fun. We usually go out.

  3. Would consider coming to your house (if we get the e-vite!) but until that arrives in my inbox, we are churching and lunching in Boca Grande! Happy Easter!

  4. Well, I had brunch plans - until I saw your cake!
    The evite is adorable, as well.

  5. Brunch at my house with Aunt, Uncle and in the am before and trying to squeeze into my Easter Outfit!!! AHHHHHHHH!