Monday, March 16, 2009

Sick day

The crud has invaded the PaperCourt household. I have one feverish boy and one coughing boy. Not fun! We're on day two so hopefully they will be better for their St. Patrick's Day celebrations at school tomorrow.

To pass the time on this icky day, we made Irish Brown Bread from Family Fun magazine. It uses everyday ingredients (and no yeast...I suck at using yeast). I didn't have buttermilk on hand so I used this trick to make my own. It worked like a charm. I may never buy buttermilk again.

The boys watched Madagascar 2 and I cleaned out their drawers. What a great feeling! I plan to list a few shirts (mini boden and crew cuts) on ebay in the next few days.

And about that "jeans" post. I'm having a hard time writing about something so superficial during these hard times. After reading Ashley's post about losing her house, I've decided to focus on other things right now.


  1. Sorry about the crud!

    Got your message...You were so sweet to call! XOXO