Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two hours and six minutes of fun!

I did it! I finished the Mercer Island Half Marathon on Sunday with my fastest time ever! YIPPEE! My time was 2:06....11 minutes faster than the Seattle half marathon last November and 19 minutes faster than the Seattle half when I was 25. Am I getting faster with age?

Unfortunately, my body took a major beating. Two hours after the race, I was doubled over with stomach pain. After two doctors visits yesterday, I found out I have some inflammation in my intestines. It hurts and involves 3 weeks of medication. And, sadly, I don't think I'll be signing up for the inaugural Seattle Rock 'n Roll half marathon in June. The thought makes me want to cry...I seriously LOVE, LOVE running 13.1 miles.


  1. Again, so proud of you! How you do it all (and with a smile even!) is beyond me! Glad I can call you my "Marathon Friend!" xox

    P.S. So sorry your bod is mad at you!

  2. Nice job!!!! Holy cow!!!! I am so proud of you. YOU ROCK!!!!

  3. YOU GO GIRL! I couldn't do it! So proud of you! XOXO

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Well done.
    Get yourself ship-shape so we can cheer you through your next 13.1 accomplishment.