Saturday, January 24, 2009

Long travel day!

I fully intended to post my giveaway winner today but I just returned from a long day of traveling. It shouldn't take 13 hours to get from Aspen to Seattle. We almost got stuck (oh darn) and don't think we weren't about to check into the St. Regis for an extra night. Some people were paying cabbies $1000 to drive them to Denver. I thought that money would be better spent on another night in my favorite city (in a great hotel, of course). We got a later flight out therefore saved a load of cash. And no vacation is complete without a play session in a germ infested play area at the airport. And hearing a mother call her 1-year-old "Miss Thang" while disciplining her. Oh the joys of travel!

Winner coming tomorrow!

(written on my iPhone while lounging in bed with glass of champagne so please excuse typos)


  1. Have mercy! Sometimes, life is so hilarious in live action that a writer could not make it up!

  2. LOL that you are blogging from your iPhone! Can I do that from my blackberry?