Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Accessorize me!

Several months ago, on her one year blogiversary, One Fabulous Mom gave me a $25 Banana Republic gift card. Yesterday, I finally stopped in BR to use my gift. The Mrs. loves accessories and she really loves accessories on sale! I am accessory challenged so I was nervous but, in honor of OFM, I bought a beautiful necklace for $25.06. Thanks for the gift! (I can't get the picture to upload so you'll just have to imagine how cute it is.....3 days later I got the picture to upload!)

Stay tuned! Giveaway coming later this week!


  1. OOOH a giveaway! Can't wait!


  2. I neeeeeeeed to see the picture! I am so propud of you for 1) using it for yourself and 2) for getting the on sale jewels!!

  3. On sale accessories make my days much more fun!