Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey there, it's Yogi Bear

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we packed up the family (and a 20 pound bird) and headed to the Washington Coast. We have a favorite spot in the quaint town of Seabrook. It's lovely, just lovely! This was our 4th visit but our first time staying in a house that backs up to the woods. On Saturday night, our last night there, the Mr. and I put the boys to bed and readied ourselves for the last dip in the hot tub before our departure. Bathing suit, check. Wine, check. Towels, check.

We headed out for our dip and left the back door open since our oldest was still awake in his room. The jets were roaring and as I was readjusting my short self, I stood up looking over Mr. Papercourt's shoulder toward the woods and staring back was a bear. Like a GINORMOUS bear! He was on all fours but staring right at me only 5 feet away from the edge of the hot tub. I don't camp in Washington for good reason, people.

I slowly sat down staring at my husband with my eyes literally popping out of my head. Mr. Papercourt kept asking me what was wrong and all I could do was whisper, "bear, bear, bear". I considered throwing my wine glass. Luckily, the Mr. had read up on his bear scaring techniques and made him self big and scary. Off went the bear into the woods.

What if he'd gone into the house? Two tasty boys inside. The door was wide open right next to the hot tub.

We believe he weighed at least 300 lbs. Apparently, he and a buddy have been hangin' around those parts for a while. So there will be no camping trips on the calendar this summer. I can mark "get up close and personal with a bear" off my bucket list.

(the photo above was taken at Cabela's the day after the bear looked just like that)


  1. STOP IT! I think i would have downed my wine, threw the glass... "Save yourselves!" But you know me, I'm not dramatic... at all!

    So glad that Yogi didn't make it inside! Although I don't think that bear would stand a chance getting between mama bear and her little boy cubbies.

  2. I still can't believe this happened...I would have lost it!

  3. OOOOOOMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! That is scary and why I never camp! Okay that and I just hate it. LOL. Go to the blog today and watch the video I put up. Made me bawl. All about appreciating your kids NOW. Needed to hear it. Get my check?

  4. Sweet Baby Jesus.
    Note to self: Washington Coast is off the Might Camp Someday List.
    It's amazing what teddy bears have done for their image!