Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A preppy Christmas

Look at these beauties....

Mr. PaperCourt picked these out for his company party. People in Seattle do NOT wear critter pants (especially red corduroy with Christmas trees) so I can't wait to see everyone's reactions. I personally think they're adorable. If you want a pair, you can find them (and a slew of other preppy items) at Castaway Clothing.

Now what am I going to wear? Clearly, the pink dress is now out of the question.


  1. This are hilarious - Im sure he'll be a hit.

    But exactly where in the country is it acceptable to wear these pants (in a non sarcastic way). I live on the east coast and Im quite certain I've never seen anything like them.

  2. These are just the best, I absolutely adore them. :)

  3. Limestone - It's probably acceptable in Nantucket. :-)

  4. They are so him. Make sure to get pics of you two.

  5. Love them! You must go black or silver now - unless you can find a green dress... hmmm, that could be fun! Take lots of pictures and have fun!

  6. awesome!!! my hubs would love these!!!! these are so cute!!! hope you had fun!!