Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The perfect dress

It's time to start thinking about holiday parties. I hate bring this up right after Halloween but I've got start thinking about this.

I scoured BlueFly last night and learned that I have very expensive taste. If it's over $300, I totally love it. I'm hoping to find something I can also wear to an auction in March.

Here are a few that I like...

Maggy London jeweled neck chiffon trapeze dress at Nordstrom - Pretty plain jane which is what I always end up wearing.

Banana Republic assymetrical ruffle dress
- I'm not sure how I feel about the one shoulder look or the huge ruffle but something is drawing me to this dress. I have a small upper body so it may look silly.

Castle Starr raspberry brushed silk beaded short dress - Only 1 left...of course...the stress! And it's way more than I want to spend...I mean WAY MORE!

What do you think? Any other suggestions of places to look?


  1. I would fall over if I saw you wearing dress #2!! It's nothing like anything you wear, get it!!

  2. I agree with S&S but I can't envision you wearing it! I say dress #3 is totally a Papercourt choice - I also have the expensive taste though, so don't listen to me Mr. Papercourt! My dilemma is one that deals with dresses as well... nothing fits me now that I am Mrs. Big Ribs (who knew your ribs grew along with your belly?) and I have not one, but two semi-formal weddings this weekend!

  3. I LOVE the one shoulder AND the hot pink! Cute! And you are a DEAR for e-mailing me website info--I'm one clueless girl there! My e-mail is Thank you again!

  4. I love dress #2! I've actually seen some cute designer dresses on Overstock!

  5. I love the grey BR dress. Shock them all :-)It's silk and very unique. #1 and #3 have been done before. I am sure you can find #3 in one version or another for much lower in price.