Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Supper Club

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted our Supper Club for a North Caroline BBQ party. Eastern NC BBQ was shipped in from my husband's hometown of Kinston. We provided the BBQ, cole slaw, Shrimp Shooters, Crudite and "Upsy-Daisy lemonade" and our guests brought side dishes to share.

You will rarely see a picture of me but here I am serving Shrimp Shooters

"Upsy Daisy Lemonade"
from Southern Cocktails book

PaperCourt Press straw flags
"go hog wild"

Crudite display inspired by Martha Stewart
I didn't have a metal planter so I improvised


  1. How darling!! I wish you could rush some of those cute "go hog wild" straw flags to me! We're having a very similar party for hubs on Sat. night! You look so familiar. I grew up in Raleigh!

  2. Too cute! I would have gone all the way to the west coast for NC BBQ....that is if I didn't already live in NC :)

    Your party was adorable and I just might steal some of those ideas.


  3. Look at you! This entire post belongs in Martha Stewart! So beautiful!!

    I need your hired help! Can I call you?? I guess I could chat with you on FB, also??

  4. wow so impressed..loving the details! you go girl.