Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bathroom inspiration

I bought this fabric today as inspiration for our basement bathroom that desperately needs to be painted. The bathroom is tiny with white and black hex tile on the floor and white subway tile in the shower. I'm thinking about light blue paint above the white bead board wainscotting. This fabric will be stretched over a wood Ikea frame. Where else could I use the fabric in the bathroom? Maybe sewed to a hand towel?

Creative folks, please chime in!


  1. How about covering a lamps shade ... I make fabric covered lamp shades and would love to help you with that!!! You can also cover buttons and make them into shower curtain hooks if you have a shower in that cute bathroom!!! Love that fabric ... it is darling!

  2. Great fabric! I like the idea of sewing it on towels.

  3. How wonderful! Please post pics of your bathroom when you finish!