Thursday, June 25, 2009

The $200 bud vase

I went to IKEA yesterday. That place is dangerous. Dangerous, I say. One hour of free childcare and a sale....who could ask for more?

I found the cutest bud vase on sale for $1. In my mind, I pictured 5 or 6 vases clustered together with colorful blooms at the center of my dining room table. And, honestly, if I was going through the trouble of filling the vases it would only make sense to have a party, right? See how my mind works? A $1 vase becomes a $200 party in just moments. Again, IKEA is dangerous. In the end, I didn't buy the $1 bud vase.


  1. I'm so glad your summer hiatus came and went within a week.

  2. We just got an IKEA in Tampa!!!!! Am I invited to the par-tay???

  3. Talk about restraint! I do love that in the matter of time picking up the vase and putting it down with the decision not to buy it, you had planned a party!

  4. You are a wise and strong woman. But what did you get?

    My first time in IKEA involved a search for a simple bookshelf. I walked out with a sheepskin rug, candles, holders, cushions, a bunch of forgetful stuff, oh and... the bookshelf.