Monday, April 22, 2013


Reentry into life after a week of sunny vacation can be brutal, especially when it's 55 degrees and raining upon arrival in Seattle. As the work week begins, I'm thankful the sun has made an appearance is will be sticking around for several days.

Sunshiny days remind me that life is beautiful and I am so blessed!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Under a Big Top

While it may appear that I've been under a rock for the past 8 months, in all actuality, I've been "Under a Big Top" as co-chair of my boys' school's vintage circus themed auction. While this was by far the largest volunteer job I've ever undertaken, I am so happy I did it. The friendships I made with my amazing co-chair and team of volunteers will last forever!

Now on to the show. We started "auction season" with our logo and team expectations....
(Found on Pinterest)

Eight months and many hours of work later, 380+ guests filled the venue for the Greatest Show on Earth......

Our silent auction was split into three sections with different closing times :: the blue horse, the orange tiger, and the pink elephant. The animals were cut out of wood, painted then mounted on gold painted PVC. The centerpieces in the dining room were smaller versions of the same animal silhouettes covered in gold glitter. Two dads on the decor team were instrumental in cutting the 66 animals and our decor chair glittered 45 animals in her dining room. Needless to say, I'm sure her house has a "NO GLITTER" policy now. The photo of the big top was purchased on Etsy and projected onto the wall.

When seated for dinner, every parent had a ticket on their plate that read, "Your children are your ticket to the Greatest Show on Earth." And the faculty and staff had tickets that read, "Education is the not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. - William Butler Yeats" It was very important for us to honor the teachers who educate our children day in and day out.

 It was a successful night on all fronts and I'm thrilled to focus on my family and business again!